Proving Someone Wrong, Eventually

Back in 2010 I was telling my co-worker about my new personal domain. He asked if I had any plans for it, beyond e-mail, and I told him that I was thinking about starting a Blog.

He gave me a funny look, smirked and asserted that I’d beter be quick then, otherwise nothing would come of this vague idea of “maybe starting a blog”.

Well, I wasn’t quick but I’m excited to finally prove him wrong, sort of, 13 years later, because this is my new blog! We’ll see how this goes!

I’ve been a professional software engineer for the past 17 years and have been tinkering with technology since I can remember. I’ve focused on mobile for over a decade and have garnered accolades such as having something to do with the “The Top Grossing App” and the “Fastest Growing App of All Times!”.

In recent years I’ve become intrigued with using graph analysis to undestand and simplify large software projects. I gave talk on the topic at Droidcon SF in 2022 and I’m looking to share some more on the topic of modularization, or de-modularization.

Stay tuned!